Financial Transition

Financial Transition

A sudden flow of money can be exciting, stressful, or simply confusing – or a combination of all three. Even under the best circumstances, such as being awarded a prize or successfully selling a business, managing a large sum of money can feel overwhelming as you try to determine the best course of action. It may seem even more impossible to make a decision when the money comes as the result of a difficult situation such as a divorce, injury, or death settlement. This is where The Settlement Alliance-WEST can help you.

Using her in-depth, ongoing training from Sudden Money® Institute, TSA-WEST founder Traci Kaas is uniquely qualified to direct you through the financial decisions and emotional challenges you may face during your financial transition. With her financial expertise and caring service, Traci will help you create the best path that leads to a happy, more meaningful and fulfilling future.

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A steady hand when you’re navigating financial change.

Our expertise includes:

  • Financial education
  • Wealth orientation
  • Managing a personal windfall
  • Reinvention as a result of a sudden increase in personal or family wealth