Information For Claimants

Information For Claimants

At The Settlement Alliance-WEST, we guide you through the settlement process and help you make the decisions that will benefit you for the rest of your life. But first, let’s answer some common questions regarding how a structured settlement works, and how TSA-WEST will assist you and your attorney.

Essentially, a structured settlement can help ensure that money will be available for your present and future needs. By determining your fixed expenses – money you need for medical care, attendant care, lost or diminished wages, and other needs – we can create a settlement plan to cover those costs.

Our ultimate goal is to help you eliminate worry. We have helped many clients create plans that have funded personal dreams and goals, resulting in more meaningful and enriching lives.

This isn’t just a financial settlement; it is an emotional one.

The Settlement Alliance-WEST is unique when compared to other settlement firms because we offer both expertise in structuring financial settlements and also the emotional support you may need during your settlement. We are sympathetic to the challenges associated with a life-changing injury, traumatic event, or lawsuit that results in a loss of earnings. Our extensive, ongoing training from the national leader in financial transitions planning, the Sudden Money® Institute, provides us with the experience needed to help you make the most of your personal and financial life.

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