Services for Attorneys


The Settlement Alliance-WEST offers case analysis, damage analysis, and customized financial solutions for our clients. We understand the unique concerns attorneys face with regard to structured settlements, which is why our firm works hard to position you and your client to make the best possible decisions.

As a structured settlement firm that specializes in financial transitions planning, our professionals are experienced at providing case analysis and customized funding solutions for cases both large and small. We work closely with many highly-rated settlement trust providers and life insurance companies. These relationships allow us to assist at any settlement conference or mediation, with the added benefit of offering comprehensive settlement document administrative assistance to the parties during litigation.

Our personalized service includes:

  • Comprehensive Financial and Settlement Consulting Expertise
  • Case, Damage and Wage Loss Analysis
  • Non-Physical Injury Settlement Plans
  • Advice and Placement for Structured Settlements
  • Innovative Attorney Fee Structures
  • Government Benefits Preservation
  • Trust Products (Special Needs, Medicare Set-Aside, Support, 468B, etc.)
  • Trial/Mediation Support and Attendance
  • Lien Resolution Assistance

A caring resource for claimants

We provide caring, down-to-earth, expert support to help claimants transition both financially and emotionally:

  • Explanation of income tax-free or tax-deferred settlement options
  • Complete financial education for clients, as needed
  • Quotes provided to meet the financial needs of the claimant
  • Drafting of settlement documents
  • Assistance protecting against legal malpractice (See Grillo v. Pettiete et al.)
  • Arranging tax-deferred attorney fee structures
  • No cost, no fee for attorney and plaintiff/client services